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Thursday, December 30, 2010

End-of-Year Superlatives from Childe Jake

Most Important Plug for 2011

Regular readers are acquainted with my memorable "climb" up Sackrider Hill. Well, it turns out there are folks who climb even higher. One of them is Alan Arnette. This coming year he will be attempting the famed "Seven Summits." These are the highest peaks on each continent. Most importantly, he is doing these climbs to generate support for Alzheimer's Research. Speaking as the grandson of one who suffers from this disease, I hope you will consider following Mr. Arnette's adventure over the coming year. He is quite Internet savvy, so expect awesome photos and audio dispatches. Case in point: He's already tagged Mount Vinson in Antarctica. Seriously, even if you skip the rest of this blog post, I hope you will click on this link:

The 7 Summits Climb for Alzheimer's: Memories are Everything

Prompting the Man Who Leaves the Light on For Us

Of the various encounters I had with professional media talent this year, oddly enough I find myself most proud of this one:

I apparently persuaded Motel 6 spokesman Tom Bodett to register two Internet domain names at his own expense. Check out this funny post about Mr. Bodett's struggle to coin new automotive lingo upon purchasing his first minivan. And don't miss the reader comments that follow.

Most Popular Post by Pageviews:

By sheer numbers alone (over 200 pageviews in one morning), my most popular post of the year was a concession speech spoof: Childe Jake Ends Bid to Replace Charity Nebbe at Michigan Radio. The thanks go to none other than the station itself. Michigan Radio staff graciously, and without any begging from me, posted a link on their Facebook page. However, Michigan Radio producer Zoe Clark courted controversy by accusing me of excessive humor. To set the record straight, I was not "TOO funny!!" I was precisely the right amount of funny...humble too.

Post Garnering the Most Comments:

After some foot dragging, I posted a personal essay about my experience viewing a particularly controversial episode of the HBO series Big Love. I'd like to thank those who responded, from in and out of Mormonism, whether on my blog or on my Facebook Wall at the time. Here again is the link: Big Love for Barb.

Most Adorable, Best Eyes, Most Talented, etc.

Factoring in both pageviews and comments, the following post qualifies as the most enjoyed. If you haven't seen it, please do. It might change your life...or, at least make you grin. Here is the link: Anatomy of a Snuggle. And here is the special guest snuggler:

Most Potential, or The Solar Sailing Post that Could

It didn't get much reaction when I posted it in August; however, Harnessing 'The Wind From the Sun' keeps scoring a pageview or two a week. And really, that's all a solar sail needs to succeed: a slight and steady nudge. For an interesting look at how this frontier technology has moved into the realm of science fact, click on this link for LightSail-1! At minimum, enjoy this awesome artist's rendition by Rick Sternbach, available enlarged at the link below, courtesy The Planetary Society.

Photo Credit: Planetary Society

Thank you for visiting my blog! Have lots of happiness in the new year!

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