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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Creepy Cool Sounds of The Potter's Field

This week I received an old-fashioned CD in the mail. For readers who remember records and cassettes, and who just saw me refer to a compact disc as old-fashioned, you may begin vomiting now. For those of you who live by iTunes and MP3s, be aware that the seller of my CD was hip enough to let me download the entire album right after purchasing it (so I didn't have to wait for my old-fashioned CD to arrive via snail mail). And what pray tell is on this disc?

It's the debut album of Michigan-based duo The Potter's Field: Pleasureville. Here is raw video of a live performance. The song is emblematic of their creepy cool style. Please take a free listen:

If you even just sorta liked that one, now try what is perhaps my favorite song of theirs:

I was tempted to write a review of the album "Pleasureville." After all, I have professional training as an arts and entertainment critic. The problem is I am unable to write a fully objective review of The Potter's Field or their album. I count singer Rochelle Clark as a true friend. We've worked together, laughed together, and even cried in front of each other (but I'll spare you the professional theatre stories). It's an honor to know her and her excellent music partner: singer/songwriter John Natiw.

Bias admitted, I can say this. I have a Bachelor's Degree in English and a minor in music (and my grades were great). On levels both subjective and technical, I can discern music and lyrics that are worth paying to experience. So I say with confidence that you don't need to be a close personal friend of either member of The Potter's Field to find their music wonderful. "Pleasureville" is an excellent album. The recordings are professional and have even begun to score airtime on radio. The songs are a masterful blend of the beautiful, the personal, the earthy, and yes...even the creepy. It's good stuff!

You would do well to visit The Potter's Field website:

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