"The Childe...More restless than the swallow in the skies..." -Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Facebook Approach to Space Advocacy

For over a year, I have been trying to get my Facebook friends excited about space exploration. Alas, there seems to be only one way to draw interest from Facebook users...cat pictures. So here goes.

I'd like you to meet two of my best friends. The first is Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson's new book on NASA and space exploration: Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier. My other new best friend is the cat. Not long ago I was sitting on my porch reading Tyson's compelling arguments about how NASA can be a boon to our society, economically and socially. Then Touché appeared.

Touché is a neighborhood kitty. He goes from house to house and meows loudly until he gets someone's attention. Once Touché is confident he has a person's attention, he moves on to the next human he can find. He also preys on low-flying butterflies, but that's not important right now. Incidentally, I call him Touché because that is the only appropriate thing to say after he meows at you. Trust me, I know. 

As you can see, when I showed Dr. Tyson's highly readable and often humorous book to Touché, he took an immediate interest...just like my friends on Facebook should.

The above picture is a false-color image of Touché taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope. The darker regions of the kitty represent the portion of his soul that believes NASA is vital to humanit... Okay, obviously I was lying just now. But is there any denying that this kitty has embraced the wonders of space exploration? That's right. The only appropriate response is Touché.

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