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Friday, May 25, 2012

Hiking and Shooting The Lakeview Trail

Comprising over 20,000 acres according to the DNR, Waterloo Recreation Area continues to be an easy to reach destination of choice for this childe.

(Please click on the images below to see full-sized versions.)

Image of Mill Lake in Waterloo Recreation Area.

I am fortunate enough to live near some of the finest park land in Michigan. One of my favorite spots is the Lakeview Trail. It can be reached via parking at the Eddy Discovery Center near the city of Chelsea. The Lakeview Trail is a loop/offshoot of the longer Waterloo-Pinckney Trail. It runs along Mill Lake and is frequented by walkers, fishers, joggers and neurotic chipmunks. Roughly 3 miles round-trip, the Lakeview Trail is ideal for the casual hiker.

Image of trailhead for the Lakeview Trail

On a recent visit I took my camera and shot a bunch of photos. My goal was to create a useful preview of the trail for people considering a visit. In addition to the photos you see on this page, the full selection of shots is available from this link:

Image of a section of the Lakeview Trail

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