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Friday, May 18, 2012

Mount Everest from the ISS

If you want to experience Mount Everest in all its glory, yeah, you could climb it. Alternately, you could become an astronaut and fly aboard the International Space Station with a high-powered camera. Hmm...I wonder which I have a better chance at accomplishing...

At any rate, in the real here and now, the climax of the spring climbing season is underway. For the climbers, this is the week or two of truth. For folks like me who regard climbing Everest as something of a spectator sport, it's a chance to sit back and marvel at the geology of the earth and the dynamism of human effort.

Click on the photo to see the full-size version.

Photo Credit: NASA Image of Himalayan Mountains as seen from the ISS

Mount Everest is the center peak toward the top of the photo, recognizable for being bare of snow. It also has a cloud flowing leftward that appears snagged on the summit. The peak at upper left is Makalu. This image was taken while orbiting above the Tibetan Plateau. Important features visible on Everest include the Northeast and West Ridges, the North Face, as well as the glacier approach used by climbers arriving from China. 

For great Everest coverage, including links to blogs by climbers on the mountain this year, visit Alan Arnette's site. He tagged the summit of Everest in 2011. Alan's coverage is part of his efforts to raise awareness and funding for Alzheimer's Research. The site includes great photos and commentary and is well worth the visit.

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