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Friday, June 1, 2012

'Little Green Men' Come Full and Funny Circle

Little Green Men: Small Package, Big Fun! GN: Small Package, Big Fun! GNLittle Green Men: Small Package, Big Fun! GN: Small Package, Big Fun! GN by Jay P. Fosgitt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With the previous two collections of Little Green Men comics, I gave artist Jay P. Fosgitt four-out-of-five-star ratings to keep him honest (because if you don’t keep Jay honest, he stays honest all by himself). With Small Package, BIG Fun! I bestow my first five-star rating on his work. I do this not because I need a favor. I do…several in fact. Sadly, Fosgitt is one of those ethical artists who stays true to his vision and doesn’t appear on the verge of selling out to anyone.
Oh, well.

No, with sincerity, I give this collection a five-star rating for the same basic reason the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave Return of the King the Best Picture award. Like ROTK, Small Package, BIG Fun! provided the full-circle effect. It helped me realize what an adventure this series has been, and just how much fun I’ve had along
the way.

The premise, as a reminder, is a trio of stooge-esque aliens who set out to conquer Earth, but discover upon arrival that they are only three inches tall. It is a great comedic premise and Fosgitt executes it wonderfully yet again. This installment is at its best when the green guys are interacting with young children. Blending human innocence with alien naivety yields not only humor, but charm…butterscotch-like charm. Comedy with children also provides what may be the best turn-the-page-for-the-payoff moment in the whole series. I laughed out loud but can say no more without a spoiler.

The Little Green Men series, which also includes Go BIG or Go Home! and It’s a BIG World After All!, is geared for young readers. I maintain it is wonderful for adults too. The series reminds me, not coincidentally, of how much I enjoyed cartoons like Popeye as a kid. This is the art form that introduced so many of us to classical narratives and reading for enjoyment. Also by way of selling point, this edition comes with a nice pin-up by Little Green Men co-creator David Hedgecock (color by Tim Durning). Great job, Jay!

DISCLAIMER: Childe Jake, the writer of this review, personally knows and admires Jay Fosgitt and littered the above review with bias. Furthermore, he thanks Jay for this latest chance to hone his love-fest review style!

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