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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Earth Observatory Spotlights Home

In addition to the all important NASA Daily Digest Bulletin, in the last year I've added a wonderful subscription to my diet of cool space imagery: Earth Observatory. Once a week I'm treated to a selection of images like the one below.

Click to see the full size version.
Appalachian Mountains seen from the ISS, Credit: NASA

When I look at this photo, I am looking at my childhood homeland. The Chesapeake Bay is visible at lower right. Jutting out left from the Chesapeake and then bending upward is the Potomac River. Where the Potomac seems to peter out is small mass of gray, aka Washington DC. And when looking at the full-size version of this image, I swear I can make out the I-270 corridor headed northwest out of DC toward my hometown of Montgomery Village, Maryland.

The Appalachian Mountains run like a sash across the image. They are every bit the beautiful, old, and well-worn mountain range. Look closely Rocky Mountains. This is how smooth and low you'll look in another 300 million winters or so.

I highly recommend subscribing to Earth Observatory. It is free and inspiring.
Visit the website for more information. And "Well done!" to the folks at
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where this program is run.

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