"The Childe...More restless than the swallow in the skies..." -Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Childe Gets Published

As I daydreamed in recent months about when and how my next writing victory might occur, I at no time imagined that it would happen by way of irreverent limericks. Yet, as I sit here wanting to brag about my being among the ranks of published poets, I must add these disclaimers:
  1. My recently published poems are three waggish limericks. 
  2. The 'contest' for which I earnestly composed them was, as it turned out, an April Fools Day joke by the totally legit publisher BlazeVOX.
  3. The first two lines of each limerick were provided by the publisher as a writing prompt. 
You can read my and the other poets' published entries by opening this PDF. Fair warning, some of the limericks include profanity and sexual content. I would say these limericks are for mature readers, but speaking solely for myself and my work, maturity was not the goal. Lastly a sincere thanks to the folks at BlazeVOX, especially Editor Geoffrey Gatza, for his friendliness and generosity during the Gotcha and Proofing processes. This was good fun!

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