"The Childe...More restless than the swallow in the skies..." -Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Tale of Two Parties

I looked at two houses, or thought about them as if they were once again in front of me. Two populated houses of people with passion. They each had money and a following. They each had a long-term plan in mind for how they wanted things to be. And since they were different, they stayed always at each other's throats.

There commitment remained to self-validation and self-revelry. They were always marketing themselves to themselves. And to the ladies. Let the ladies in, whether openly or secretly. Get the ladies on our side, each would say.

They battled. They fired off salvos of pranks, of minced words and the like. I must confess it was quite fun to watch. Sometimes individuals from opposite sides seemed on the verge of liking each other. But it never lasted. I also confess this was invigorating to watch, the being-pulled-back-in-and-deciding to-be-staunch. Ruffled feathers are invigorating to watch.

At last, after much fun and revelry, after back-room deals and altercations, even a little death that no one proved culpable for, everything exploded in an orgasm of cultural catharsis and devil-may-care melee. It was a sight to see. And you knew that people had stopped pretending that everything was okay, and it was exciting and troubling in equal measure. I confess it was exhilarating.

You dared not consider the amount of cleanup and repair that would be required to make things livable again. And so you, why am I saying you, I mean me, I shouldn't try to pull you in.

Anyhow, everyone just kept trying to feel momentous so long as they were being watched. But you could tell most everyone just wanted to go somewhere quiet and cuddle another and fall asleep. Or drive off alone, or with a new lover. Because maybe the fall and still of night would do all the cleaning and reconciling magically. And when they woke up in the morning, maybe these two warring houses would at last be set at peace, enjoying stasis and maturity.

Gosh, I love the movie Animal House! ...wait. What did you think I was writing about?

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