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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Joining the Chorus of Well-Wishers

I am thinking of this short young blond girl--and I mean short, about up to my waist. Around 10 years ago she stood next to her mom on the front door of a suburban Utah home. They formed a barricade as I stood sheepishly on the porch.

The mom looked down at the little girl and said, "This is Jake. He wants to take your older sister out on a date. Do you have any questions for him?" The little girl, who like everyone else in the house must have known I had no chance with her older sister, shrugged and scurried off in search of her twin. The little twins, their older sister who wisely passed me over, their brothers, their mother and father, became one of my favorite families.

They never judged me for being a foolish brooding bachelor. They offered true friendship and hospitality. In fact the women of the family, including those little twins, let me tag along to an Avril Lavigne concert in Salt Lake City. That's right, I went to an Avril Lavigne concert. And I went with not one, but four classy gals from one of my favorite families.

That was around 10 years ago. The little twin girls are now young women. And one of them is in the Philippines. The damn typhoon went right over the top of her and the people she is working with there. That's right, Mother Nature. I just swore at you.

As I watch for more updates, I do the only paltry thing many of us can ever do. I hop on the Red Cross website and make a donation for Disaster Relief. I hope you will too, good reader. Today, like every day of the year, is a good time to support humanitarian aid.


A Facebook post from the mother confirms she is "safe"; however, as the post also pointed out, others remain unaccounted for. Support for relief efforts remains critical.

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