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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Considering 'Love Actually' with NPR

The folks at NPR brought to my attention that some people hate the movie Love Actually. In fact, this Christmas season the debate between thoughtful lovers of the movie and bitter foolish haters has reached fever pitch--this year being the film's 10th Anniversary. For an excellent debate on the matter, check out NPR's awesome pop-culture portal, Monkey See: 'The Case for - and Against...'

As a detached observer, sworn to objectivity, my interest in the Love Actually debate is, shall we say, platonic. Like many guys, I encountered this film when a girl I cared for deeply and wanted to make out with made me watch it. Given that the film is the cinematic equivalent of cake and ice cream, the viewing was far from tedious. Suffice it to say, the movie has its attributes and meets the needs of a certain demographic prone to effusive displays of...effusiveness.

Lacking the chemical dependency some people exhibit toward romantic comedy, I have not re-watched Love Actually this Christmas season. I do not feel a need to. Besides, as a trained critic, I tend to find the milder temperatures of late winter and early fall a more agreeable time to reexamine the film's technical and cultural merit while eating a Hershey's Symphony Bar.

At any rate, for those of you who adore the film, but more especially for those who flog it with your base cynicism, I call on you to follow the below link to a wonderful, laughable, and likable video tribute to one of Love Actually's most famous scenes.

The NPR 'Jump' for My Love

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