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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Moth StorySLAM 2: A Bunny's Tale

Why am I not waiting until Throwback Thursday to post the below picture? The fact is I am not posting this photo to celebrate years-old past. This picture has to do with the present. The little bunny in the snapshot, named Careless by me and my sisters, became a principle character in my second Moth StorySLAM performance...

In May, the theme for Moth StorySLAM in Ann Arbor was "Animals." I knew right away which true story I wanted--no, needed--to tell. As a boy, I had trouble bonding with my pet bunny Careless. Then I came up with a clever plan to bond with her and improve her quality of life. I devised a homemade leash. This idea was not the immediate disaster you might expect, but it proved life-altering for both me and Careless. That is all I'll share here. For now, I am keeping it in the realm of oral storytelling.

I told the story of Careless and me to a packed house at the Circus Bar. Nine other storytellers also told five-minute stories. We performed with nothing but the microphone in front of us. No notes or props. At the end of the evening I earned the highest score!...along with one other storyteller.

My co-occupant in the First Place slot told an awesome story and he told it incredibly well. I won't even try to summarize it. Rest assured he provided us an edge-of-your-seat experience. Tying with him was an honor. Though we'd never met before, he and I hugged after the competition. I also got a hug from another complete stranger on my way out the door. Sharing stories brings people closer.

To learn more about The Moth, visit their website. Thank you to Michigan Radio for sponsoring the Ann Arbor StorySLAM. Final link: my previous Moth post.

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