"The Childe...More restless than the swallow in the skies..." -Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

Childe Jake Sets Sail on a Pilgrimage of the Mind

Despite the concerted efforts of several English professors at Weber State University, I discovered the poetry of Lord Byron. Oddly enough, it took Byron's infamous appearance on the action/fantasy show Highlander for me to make his acquaintance. With only minor artistic license, Lord Byron fit right in with a cast of mythic immortals who live for the moment while brooding over their mysterious past. My curiosity piqued, I began reading the real-life works of British Literature’s "bad boy." And I soon found myself mesmerized by his epic poem: Childe Harold's Pilgrimage.

My blog title pays homage to arguably Byron’s greatest poem. In it, the fictitious Harold exiles himself from his native land. Disenchanted with “polite society”, and beset by scandal and heartbreak, he boards a ship and travels the world. As Harold journeys through the ruins of antiquity, Byron the poet engages in deep reflection—sometimes sentimental, often brooding, frequently celebratory.

Below is an excerpt from Canto I of the poem. It captures Byron's spirit of pilgrimage:

So deem’d the Childe, as o’er the mountains he
Did take his way in solitary guise:
Sweet was the scene, yet soon he thought to flee,
More restless than the swallow in the skies ....
Onward he flies, nor fix’d as yet the goal
Where he shall rest him on his pilgrimage
And o’er him many changing scenes must roll
Ere toil his thirst for travel can assuage ...

My blog is not a Lord Byron tribute. Rather, like Byron’s epic poem this blog is a series of reflections on the world as I encounter it. In a nutshell, Childe Jake's Pilgrimage is the pilgrimage of my mind. Harold set sail into the Mediterranean. I explore landscapes known as the Liberal Arts, contemporary issues, slices of life, and humor. Here reflection is not merely encouraged, it is championed.

Every week I post something different. As Childe Harold knew quite well, staying in one place—or on one topic—can be stifling. Through essays, reviews, photos, and links, I share why being alive fascinates me. One week you’ll find me musing on space exploration, such as a post about how future pilgrimages may utilize solar sails. Another week I may relate a quirky adventure like spending an evening with Kevin Smith. If you look to the sidebar, you will see topics I often revisit. Comments are welcome. Thank you for visiting.